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The ACM students (ACM - the Associated Colleges of Midwest, Chicago, USA; the Agreement of student and staff exchanges: 1987-2005)

Jenifer O’Callaghan (College of Wooster), 1997: “I would go back to Krasnodar without hesitation. My life there was a constant adventure. I saw a ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre. I swam in the Black Sea. I stood in the house in Taman that Lermontov wrote about in A Hero of Our Time. I haggled in the market, toasted at birthday parties and learned to polka at the culture center. I had the greatest time on my study program at Kuban State University. It was one of the best decision I have ever made. My host family was also great and I look forward to our lifetime friendship. I’m more open now to new ideas and ways of doing things. I can’t wait to go back!”


Fall semester 2002: “… all agree on one thing – that Krasnodar, comfortable and provincial, offers students the possibility of “observing and experiencing” Russian culture and practicing the language in contrast to Moscow and St. Petersburg, where everyone tries to speak with them in English. … Certainly it is not easy to gain a feeling for Russia’s language and culture.  We enjoy the opportunity to view the units of Russian society from within, and are amazed at the excessive hospitality of Russian people (who offer their guests what would be a large American dinner for breakfast) and their (unusual in the eyes of Americans) talkativeness of all members of the family, which, to be sure, helps the students perfect their Russian.  The excessive worry and hyper-concern of Russian host mothers irritates others, even though they insist, “the best part of the program is the experience of living with the host families.” 


Prof. George Larry Penrose (Hope College), 2003: “The Russian Studies Program at Kuban State University has been worked out in cooperative efforts with the Advisors Committee of the Associated Colleges of Midwest. Our Curriculum and teaching strategies are defined by the rich perspectives of Cultural Anthropology and an interdisciplinary approach.  In addition to the traditional Language, Literature and History Classes, the students are offered “an experience” in the Russian style of life, Russian manners, traditions, believes, ethics and aesthetic values”.

Lisa Strid (Oberlin College), 2003: “We are certain that the days spent in Kuban State University will always remain in our memory. We did not only travel and study we also took an active part in an interesting program, a program, which gave us a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the culture of South Russia, to improve our Russian Language and to make new friends”.

I love Russia, but with a strange Love - фильм о программе ACM в КубГУ.

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