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 I really enjoyed my study abroad. I didn't expect it to be such an incredible semester. I met a lot of amazing people, both Russian and Foreign, learned russian very extensively, and got to live in a new culture.

The pros: 

  1. People are very friendly, and most people are willing to help you out. 
  2. The school was a very prestigious school in Russia, and was treated as such. 
  3. My teacher was incredibly helpful- staying after to class to answer any questions I might have. 
  4. My dormitory was in good condition, with heating during the winter. 
  5. Studying in Russia improved by russian communication skills, at a more accelerated rate than studying the language back at home. 
  6. The school system was very helpful in getting me here and giving me information. Especially including Dr. Irina V. Rayushkina. 
  7. If you really want to learn the language, this school is the best option.  It's cheaper than Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. It wasn't freezing because of its southern location, yet it still snows. Students here are very interested in foreign students, and are more than willing to teach/help you learn the language. 
  8. There are a lot of good places to eat, see and do in Krasnodar. 
  9. Transportation is convenient and cheap. 
  10. Classes were very small and personal. Meaning we got to practice speaking a lot with the teacher. We were taught extensively the grammar, phonetics and comprehension of Russian very well. 

The Improvements: 

  1. Upon arrival, I was incredible lost and couldn't find my dorm for 2 hours, even after arriving on campus. For upcoming students, I would recommend to them- not arriving in Krasnodar on September 1st (Student Day)- and also if someone could meet the student on campus upon arrival. There was just a lot of Russian people telling me things that I didn't understand- as in where to go, how to get my visa updated, and where my class was. 
  2. The dorms shut down at 11pm, which made it very hard to see the night life of Krasnodar. If possible, I'd recommend removing the curfew because a lot of the international students felt restricted at night. 

In summation, I had an incredible time here in Krasnodar. The people, culture and language have been an incredible learning process that I'll never forget. I feel my Russian improved, I made friendships that I'll never forget, and I experienced a new culture and way of life.

Special thanks to Dr. Irina V. Rayushkina- she was incredibly helpful, nice and knowledgeable with helping international students, and her grasp of the English language is near perfect. I appreciate your help, and this was a trip I was always remember and look back on with enjoyment.

Jordan Gazdik 

Photos of Krasnodar:

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