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Summer Russian School 2002 (for American students)


Why should you come to Kuban State University?


Rebecca Wilkinson: “I am here because I want to learn about the Russian culture, meet Russian friends and know how they live everyday lives. And I want to learn the beautiful fascinating Russian Language...”


Scott Olson: “I want to see Russia, meet Russians and make many friends from the University, while learning the Russian Language…”


Николас Форд: «Моя специальность – международные отношения, и я изучаю русский язык в Америке. Я надеюсь, что я смогу говорить по-русски хорошо. Я люблю русский язык и культуру …»


Joseph Cross: “I have come to Krasnodar with a great desire to learn more about the Russian culture. I am hoping to do this by meeting and speaking with many Russian students and learning the Russian Language. This is a wonderful city.”


Greg Magdsick: “I am in Russia to learn as much as I can about Russian culture and the Russian Language…”


Amy Tailor: “I’m here in Russia to learn much about the Russian culture and people through classes and everyday experience. I hope to know how to speak the language a little better before I return to America.”


Melissa Sorensen: “I have always been fascinated with the Russian culture, history and language. Owing my time in Russia, I want to meet and get to know the Russians and their everyday lives. I especially want to learn the language so I can speak and communicate with Russians the way they do.”


Joash Schumpelx: “I have come to Russia to learn about the present day culture of Russia, and most importantly to learn about the people of Russia…”


Kate Stone: “I have come to Krasnodar, Russia, specifically to learn about the rural countryside, culture, language, and the people. I love to experience people and culture different from my own”. 


Jessica Bott: “A large part of my heritage is Russian and I desire to learn more about where my family came from. It is a great joy for me to spend the summer in Krasnodar learning more Russian Language and meeting the wonderful people here at Kuban State University”.



Summer Russian School 2003: Summer camp for the group of Russian and American students in the Caucasus Mountains

Summer Russian School 2007 (for American students)


jody GREEN: “I really enjoyed my Russian classes with our Russian teacher Elena Gorelik. She was very good at helping us with the words and phrases. Her methods were very encouraging and repetitive enough that we could remember the lessons better. The added anecdotes about Russian history and culture were very nice. Her classes not only instructed us in the Russian Language, but also the Russian way of life which helped us immensely with our interactions here. She was very kind in her corrections when we made mistakes, and made sure that we understood the concepts. Her exercises were very fun; I especially enjoyed learning the stories and songs. They made class very enjoyable.”


hutchinson shane: “The class that we took in Russian this summer was a great counterpart to the experience here. We learned words and phrases that were useful in everyday conversation and allowed us engage in culture. The professors were very nice and truly wanted us to not only learn the language, but also learn and experience the culture. It peeked my interest into the Russian Language and helped to show me a little more about this side of the world.”


clark kimberly: “The Russian class has been a great experience. I enjoyed learning the basics of reading, phonetics, and grammar. Also I appreciated the knowledge about Russian culture that our professors offered. Visiting the Black Sea and making ‘borsch’ were fun activities which will remain in my memory always. I’m thankful for the patience of our professors and their enthusiasm about teaching. I would recommend this program of study to all students eager to learn about the world and to learn a beautiful, challenging language. I realize that I have much to learn! Thank you all.”

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