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July 23-August 12, 2012

N. B. Only group applications are accepted (no less than 10 people per group)

Deadline for applying is April 30 1, 2012

If you wish to see what Russia is really like and perfect your Russian skills, then come to the city of Krasnodar, located in the region of southern Russia, referred to as Kuban, and take part in the Summer School Program at Kuban State University.

The bright, southern sun, proximity to the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, and the Caucasus Mountains, the wealth of its natural surroundings, the splendor of its hospitality and the calm atmosphere of a provincial city – all this gives a unique opportunity for the blend of study and relaxation. Kuban State University, founded in 1920, is the center of academic sciences and education in Kuban and is famous for its high quality instruction and boundless opportunities for scientific exploration.

Our Summer School of 3 weeks is happy to offer you the following program:

Summer School for foreign students, having pre-intermediate/intermediate knowledge of Russian as a foreign language (one/two/three separate groups).

3-week intensive course of the Russian language for foreigners, which will serve as an introduction to the academic and cultural programs, includes:

· 60 classroom hours - intensive Russian (20 hours per week)

· 10 ac. hours – special course in Intercultural Communication

· Testing, followed by the granting of a KubSU Certificate

· Academically related excursions on the weekends (Gelendgick and Taman)

Description of the course:

Goal and Intent: the perfection of linguistic skills – phonetics, reading, writing, speaking and listening; vocabulary practice in official and conversational speech; introduction to Russian and Cossack cultures and immersion in everyday life through active interaction with Russians.

Contents of the Course:

· classes in conversation, grammar, phonetics, reading (translation – for advanced students);

· intercultural discussions (Movie Club, Russian Folklore);

· academically-related excursions (museums/exhibitions/cultural centers);

· weekend excursions: Taman (The Cossacks Cultural Center), the Black Sea resort town of Gelendgick, picnic outside the city (on the bank of the Kuban River).

(Black Sea coast)

Schedule of Classes:

· Monday-Friday 9.40-13.00 – conversation, phonetics, grammar, reading, translation

· Tuesday and Wednesday 15.00-16.30– Intercultural communication discussions.

The Program Cost: $950 or 800 euro per student (if there are no less than 10 people in a group), including visa support (letter of invitation), registration, instruction, and accommodation in the university dormitories in double-triple rooms, museums/weekend trips.

N.B. Meals are not included into the price


You can contact by e-mail: interdep@mail.kubsu.ru

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